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When a lion attacks its prey it comes with the mindset of conquering it. You will never see a lion running away from any animal because it knows that no one is better than it. The same should apply to us. In whatever situation you might be facing, even if you see no light at the end of the tunnel, you need to have a winning attitude that no matter how big your challenge may seem, you will conquer. Attitude is the way that you think and feel about something or somebody, the way an individual behaves towards any problem she’s facing will determine the results to be obtained at the end of your trial. Therefore, in all your life challenges have the mentality that you have won and you will come out a survivor.


During the apartheid era in South Africa, most people lost hope of fighting for their rights and accepted defeat. They were easily manipulated into believing they were inferior. If they had a different attitude towards the apartheid system, even before the ANC leaders were arrested, they would have brought it to its knees. So each and every person has forces to fight, some come in different sizes and shape but approaching them with a winning mentality works.


No one was willing to fight Goliath as he was the strongest warrior but David feared no one as he believed that he could conquer all and that confidence and persistence gave him the power to defeat Goliath and saved his nation. Bear in mind that David was small in size than Goliath and he was younger than him too but that was no excuse for him. He was ready and sure that definitely he would win. My point is, change your weaknesses into your strength so that you can be victorious in any life battles. Moreover God promised us that He will never give us baggage we cannot handle and we have been given the power to challenge any situation occurring in our lives.



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