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There’s no question that life is hard. Everybody experiences tribulations that are hard to overcome. However, whatever we’re going through, it doesn’t mean we can’t take responsibility and get our lives together.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so does our collective anxiety. At a time when it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless, one of the best things we can do to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases in the country is to stay at home wherever possible. Self-isolation and social distancing are tricky, scary, possibly lonely concepts but they’re important.
Alongside potentially saving lives, you might be getting a free pass to waste as much time as you like on the internet without guilt.


In the midst of this lockdown, we lie awake at night wondering what the future holds for us and our loved ones. We wonder if our lives will ever get back to normal. We wonder if and when this pandemic will be over. We wonder what will happen to our work.
While wondering all these, a voice in my head suddenly said, ‘Pull yourself together’! The effect was liberating, healing as I immediately knew it was the only thing to do.

Nobody else was going to do this for me. The time of analysis and blaming and feeling sorry was over, I had to pull myself together. The thought pulled me from my relentless thought cycles that had kept me awake all night.
Throughout evolution, human beings have become experts in pulling themselves together. Disasters strike again and again; the loss of a parent or a child or a marriage falling apart. We experience bad things in our own lives and the lives of the people around us. In the middle of despair suddenly there appears a will to live, an indomitable spirit which tells you there’s no other way but to pull yourself together.


Some people seem to be experts at pulling themselves together. Their bravery shows in that they seem to need very little time to mourn a loss and quickly move on. On the other side of the spectrum there are those who seem to have great difficulties at pulling themselves together.

Disappointments in life and loss seem to have broken them in a way that’s very hard to heal. Time and again they go for the wrong solutions, the quick fixes, the drink and drug, the covering up, abusing themselves by going over and over the wrong that’s been done to them. Most of us find ourselves struggling along with mixed feelings somewhere between these extremes.


For me ‘pulling myself together’ is a process of gathering myself. It’s a way of acknowledging all the broken pieces around, letting them be while gathering myself an invisible force in the centre with the pieces circling in gravitational field around it.
We can be the most responsible people ever but still have our world falling apart on the outside. Circumstances beyond our control shake up our worlds every day.

When our world is falling apart, pulling ourselves together is a continual process. Resilience, adaptability and an inner strength allow us to pull ourselves together. People who have the passion and desire to succeed, fight, or merely pull themselves together when everything seems bleak. Stay home, stay safe and be healthy.

Brand Shota

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