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I am a parent of one of the pupils at a private school. I would like to express my disenchantment and unhappiness regarding the school’s demands that we (parents) pay school fees for the second term because the pupils are learning.
This is far from the truth. The main issue here is that the teachers in private schools do not get income because of the COVID-19 advent. Their salaries are not paid by the government and some may not have an unemployment insurance.


The only way out was to then develop a strategy to pretend to be teaching the pupils so that some money can be squeezed out of the parents, some of which are also not getting an income because they are in the same predicament.
Honestly speaking, how much work is performed by the teachers when the pupils are at home. The bulk of the work has been transferred to the parents who have to tutor the children during the home schooling.
Some of the parents have to return from work with work stresses and still do the work of the teachers who now want to be paid.

It is upsetting that the government does not want to intervene in this matter yet they are the ones who registered the school as meeting all government policy requirements, hence they are obligated to monitor its operations.


There is a lot that does not seem right at these schools. There has never been a teachers-parents meeting to trash-out issues regarding running of the school. Recently, a WhatsApp page was activated as a means to communicate between teachers and parents. When parents began voicing out their grievances and frustration regarding how this new teaching method was being implemented the group administrators decided to bar or block parents from raising any queries with the school through this platform.

What boggles the mind is that the school has not laid a clear plan on how the home schooling must be conducted regarding; obtaining data bundles by parents for online training; computers or smartphones to enable transfer of information from school to pupils; Children from rural areas must obviously be fetched back due to network connection issues there and non-availability of persons to assist them with their schoolwork. It seems the parents are expected to take the brunt of all these things and further pay full school fees. This is clearly not acceptable or just.

Perhaps it is time we parents ought to have a re-look at the benefits of sending our children to expensive private schools as external results (grade 7) show that they are not different from public schools when it comes to quality. Something that raises the question why we must pay exorbitant school fees for our children in these schools.

Concerned Parent

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