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The future is not guaranteed anymore, it feels like our lives have been shoved and locked in a box, ripped away from our hands . We’ve been deprived our right to freedom and to education. We’ve been ripped off our greatest strength, which is solidarity. Some say it is the Chinese, some say it is the Americans, but I say it does not really matter, that ship of pointing fingers has sailed and crashed. The matter at hand now is how can we ensure the well-being of those dear to us. We are all accounted for in this combat against this very intimidating titan, COVID-19,  which has descended upon our land to cause colossal damage to life.


People say government is responsible for our safety, I agree, but would you put the lives of your loved ones in the hands of government? Government has already provided temporary remedies in a quest to inhibit further spread of the coronavirus. As we speak, schools have been closed indefinitely; huge and very important national gatherings have been put on hold. This should open our eyes to see how dedicated government is in curbing the spread of the virus. Yes more is to be done but instead of pointing fingers at government, the public should also adhere to the precautions mentioned by government. That includes the washing or disinfection of hands, avoiding uncalled for excursions and also visiting medical practitioners if one experiences cold-related symptoms.


It is true, masks and gloves can aid in escaping direct contact with the deadly virus. However, inappropriate use can pose a great danger on both the user and the people around him/her. This is where government comes in. People require prior orientation before they may utilise these things. Imagine someone having put on the same mask and gloves throughout the day, how many lives have been put at stake to contacting the virus? Quite a lot. I would recommend health organisations to stop handing out gloves and masks before the necessary illumination has been enacted.

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