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Allow me space to air my humble and honest views on the pandemonium that has sparked a controversial debate among some concerned citizens of the kingdom, the abolishment of English language as a passing subject in schools. The Ministry of Education has adamantly taken a firm decision to abolish English as a passing subject in schools. This was fantastic news to the ears of some pupils who are also a bit crippled in the second language. In fact, it was a dream come true. Some parents beamed to such news.

I still vehemently believe that the ministry has taken a decision unaware of the immediate possible or negative repercussions that will follow in the near future.


It is unequivocally true that the country’s education level will sink as learners will no longer exert more effort on the language as compared to yesteryears. On the January 4, 2020 it was stated that ‘government was taking a stance to do away with English as a passing subject to protect pupils who are good at other subjects but merely cannot proceed to the next grade because of poor marks in English. Now my question is, what is the main objective of our education system? Is it mainly about wheel-barrowing all learners to reach the finish line or is it about instilling knowledge and competence within them? If so, why then is our beloved government concerned about pupil finishing the race not the skills mastered along the race?


It is an undeniable fact that within our prestigious and the ‘has been’ lucrative Ministry of Education there are highly educated people who possess very high levels of expertise in the education system. I am convinced that they have conducted thorough and countless researches before seeing the English not fit to be passed by learners today and deserving abolishment, yet they are the product of the same English for crying out loud!

We are all aware that English is a medium of communication in any place on the globe. By doing away with English; of what help will that be to future leaders? Why are we turning a blind eye on the sinking ship yet we are in control? Each and every year the country sponsors at least five students who go and study abroad or internationally. Without the so-called ‘abolished English’, will that still happen?

If so, what competencies will the child possess outside of school?
How will he/she communicate? Because it is crystal clear that even the second language teachers will no longer exert the same effort as before.

Yes, government has taken the stance to do away with English, and automatically it has also taken the stance to do away with the lives and the ‘has been’ bright future of the pupils of Eswatini.

Sizwe Mngomezulu

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