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Places where the complete disclosure of negative sides of a person should never be praised is when working with business clients, customers, often churches and in another person’s territory. Having pre-planned controversy is completely appreciable if both parties are prepared and always bring good results.

Spontaneous events are more likely to introduce much irrelevance and biasness of rational responses. Balancing and even ignoring pessimism helps in moving forward past the thorns of life.

Let’s say you meet a person for the first time in a private and isolated location, we generally tend to question our trust for them and ultimately your general safety. This in turn triggers you to familiarise yourself more to the person through talking more, paying attention to their body and subtle movements.


If they do not arouse signs of discomfort, some just can’t help trying to figure out what tool available around can turn into a victory against anything that comes your way. After all, ‘luck favours the prepared’. The isolated talk is highly dependent on the first impression and the frequency of change in constant emotional stability shown by his face, speech and by their whole body.

Meeting in the spotlight, however, requires no effort in generating safety senses. If the persons are interested, they show more signs of attentive, chronological speech and even mirrored actions. The likelihood of having a negated assumption usually depends on past experiences and expectations, among others.


Waking up on time does not necessarily need you to get a warning from work but needs you to think about the bad consequences of losing your job. The best way to developing dominance over anything is in understanding its weaknesses.

Some even say critical thinking is one efficient implement in entrepreneurial, scientific and any other study for sustainable development. The secret is in using appropriate negated statements in the appropriate place and time, certainly not everywhere. A place you know will bring you peace of mind, a place that will always stimulate your mind to think positive by merely being there is the right place to be. You only live large and strongly self-dependent if you frequently see that place forever in your mind. This accounts to each one of us in life.

We all love through discrimination. More presence of the opposite from what we personally hate is the more we tend to search more of what we like. Seeing a person with a combination of behaviours far less compared to yours is more likely to shovel you into a dark corner of despise shown by expecting more hideous characters than good things.

Laws of life are tricky to understand, mostly because they are not usually constant and certainly do not cover the rest of the universe. Every tribe, religion and any associations reflect their own beliefs. There are a lot of considerations to be made in order to come out with an overall understanding about anything. We desire the best for ourselves always. And that is a very good thing to do. What I am saying is that making an allowance for allowing yourself to experience how you’d likely feel if something wrong happens to something valuable of yours reduces the likely chances of it occurring negligently.

H Mnisi

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