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This serves as a dedication to all Form Vs. For about 13 years you had a dream, an admiration and a passionate spirit that one day you would be a shining diamond or gold to your families. For so many years, you have been patient, hopeful and strong as you step-by-step passed your classes until you reached Form V.

My teacher once told me that gold is exposed to high temperatures of heat, and also immensed in water of very low temperatures.
This vividly gives us a picture that our lives have to face puzzling challenges in order to shine. You aimed to be an achiever neh! It was not by luck but it was your triumph due to your delivery in your education journey.


Do you remember your timeline; the moments while you were at primary, secondary and high school? I hope it was delightful.
Unity is power, division is weakness, that is what I have realised. You may fidget, or feel like you have missed something or someone but this marks the end of the first step in learning, because a person learns until he/she dies.

Do you still have the dreams you have had all along? Again I will ask, do you still have them? What efforts have you made to overcome the challenges outside schooling, but that’s not just my business to boggle more about?


Remember, the thousands of candidates you wrote the same external examination with had the dream of getting those shinning remarks from school. What have you come with for your family, for the people who will depend on you tomorrow, and for your reputation?

It’s only you who knows the truth. It would be too shameful to attend school for more than a decade only to become a useless and dangerous person in society.
It has been a long journey and all along we have been cool to each other. I enjoyed to be with you all, what brought us together has released us to be apart now. Just face the world, be strong and strive for your future, that is what my former head boy said to his colleagues after their last paper.


At this time you have just overcome the first step of the challenges. You are still going to face challenges in our corrupt country.
Remember; only tall trees have evidence of rushing winds, the shorter ones never fee the winds, not even rumours of them. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, just be strong and never doubt yourselves.

Your respect will be vital to your success together with hope, and hope will always give you the strength to persuade along the way. Our beloved Form Vs, just be strong, and you should never give up because one day you will shine brightly. Difficult roads always lead to good destinations.

Hlongwane Mayibongwe Siyabonga
Sidvokodvo Nazarene High School

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