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Our king has spoken about the power hungry people and also said pastors must pray for people for free. He says some people want positions and God never charges.

As the old saying goes “the day the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
We live in very dangerous times of heartlessness, where people compromise morality in favour of money.


I was taken aback by a story I read in the Times of Swaziland about a certain church whose members are at each others throats fighting for positions.
This is proof that the sanctity of having a church has been converted into an opportunistic scheme, where people open churches with the intention of making money. Why should there be squabbles about who runs the church?


Why is it that the church which started as a single unit to worship God has since been divided into fractions? If all church members and their leaders indeed shared the same objective which is to praise and worship the Lord, they wouldn’t mind who headed the church as long as all the values, norms and principles of the church were upheld.

Everyday a new person comes forward and claims to be the rightful leader of the church, all these people are driven by money.
Things started to go wrong the day churches were converted into money making schemes and personal businesses. Some churches even have ATMs in the buildings.

We need to free ourselves from greed and live like people who were created in the image of God.  We will all achieve our riches in heaven once we meet God the father so let us stop behaving like hypocrites in this life time.
We need our children to grow knowing that the church is a sanctuary not a place of squabbles where all people just want money and power.


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