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We have been called the humblest, peace-loving, respectful and morally stable nation by many globally. But, I am thinking there are two attributes that are left on the sidelines when people talk about us: courage and pride, the former we deficiently lack and the latter we excessively have. I used to be taught by a foreign teacher in junior secondary school, and he always slammed our pride. I knew from the way he scolded us every single day for our laid-back approach to life that he despised not us but the way we handled ourselves as teenagers and adults alike. Now, I kind of know very well why he was so opposed to our way of life and our arguably noble behaviour. We have a rare quality of extraordinary pride fused with an annoying shyness factor. How about we ‘swallow our pride’ and just embrace courage and fuse it with an extraordinary humble factor.


Courage is an attribute that requires ‘provocation’ from a particular individual so as to vent to it, thus allowing it to be habitual in them. Prosperous ventures and endeavours have always favoured the bold indeed. We are definitely not total strangers to business ventures; our own cities have received an influx of our neighbours, from Mozambique, who each and every passing day are working hard for a better life on the streets. I am certain that they make a killing from their vending and they have done it by shoving pride aside and literally beg to carry your items.


I am well aware of the fact that such a trait is becoming ‘cultivated’ in some Eswatini citizens but what of the rest who are still so inclined to pride yet wailing ‘unemployment’? Let us pluck that courage instinct, which I happen to believe we all have been blessed with, and do something productive and lucrative.

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