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What kind of people can talk to God, what race is allowed to talk to Him? Which nationality is allowed to have a conversation with Him? Are they supposed to receive some sort of training in order to be able to speak with such a supreme God? Are we supposed to keep a certain kind of company to be able to converse with the Lord? Are we supposed to have unique ears and eyes to be able to hear Him speak to us and subsequently respond to Him? Can we present ourselves to Him as individuals or as a group so that He may give us His attention? Does the Lord even mind our gender as we seek His face?


Are we even supposed to be asking ourselves such questions especially as we seek His face? Now; what has been revealed to me by the Spirit of God is that there is a difference between the voice of God, the Word of God, an angel of God (messenger) and signs by God. The Word of God is the written form that is presented through the Bible, which contains all the books written by children of God throughout all eternity. The Lord at times may send His angels to convey His message to human beings; the angels may be presented in the physical form visible to the human eye. At the appearing of the angel to man, a conversation is usually eminent and the angel’s duty is to announce God’s direct words as well as answer any questions and comments received from the Lord.


Usually when angels bring an answer to man, their introductory statements are mostly the Word and they make sure they remind man about God’s promises to them. Then as a closing statement the angel would then answer the prayer of man as well as bring about God’s promises. God’s visitation can never be simple; it is filled with so much glory and divine atmosphere. When the Lord starts a conversation with man, they are compelled to be silent especially when He talks. When man becomes all silent it’s not out of respect, reverence or honour but it’s the atmosphere that requires your silence.

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