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According to people in the know, drug abuse is the overindulgence of drugs. One may think drugs are only the big guns which are cocaine, heroin and marijuana to name a few. In our country, Eswatini, we are cursed with overuse of alcohol.

Happily married couples have dolefully divorced because of the drug leading to the high rate of single mothers.
What example are our adults setting to our infants when they don’t mind letting a teenager have a cold one in a bar in their midst?

Some supporters will tell you that they are consuming the gallons of alcohol just to while away the pains of the day, but in reality there is not even an ounce of truth in that since you will have to face your puzzling circumstances the next morning.

Some young girls go to nightclubs in their crop-tops and short pencil skirts looking like strumpets, then the next morning you learn that they have been raped and it’s irking because we then have to feel sorry for them while no one sent them to drink bushels of alcohol, blackout and become victims of abduction.


Furthermore, the misuse of toxic substances will lead to the soar of the rate of the spread of HIV and AIDS, when in fact we should be trying to expedite the dissemination of HIV at all cost. So-called intoxicated and married men end up engaging in sexual relations with sex workers in the streets thus spreading the pandemic disease to their honest spouses.

Yes, there have been a pile of articles educating about the lethal malady but people are still hard-headed.
Drugs lead to school drop- outs. There have been many instances where you find that devotees have been expelled for the use of toxic substances or learn that they have dropped out of school thinking that being free in the streets is easy.

What are our current leaders doing with such cases to try and make a decent future for the country’s future leaders? Good citizens of my darling country, Eswatini, think about the money you spend on alcohol and the bill you will have to pay for drink-driving. Think about the picture you paint about the country; train your hands and educate your mind. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

Gcina Dlamini

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