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It about time we unite as a nation when it comes to socio-economic issues. In the outgoing year, we saw a fluctuation in the number of rape, murder and suicide cases in the nation.

These are the leading, of many, issues causing havoc in our societies. People have become afraid. Children are afraid to go to school or play with others. Parents are afraid to go to work or visit places. Young people are afraid to explore themselves and learn new things. We are all scared of what we might run into in our different paths.

Where have we gone wrong? Why are we hurting ourselves and one another so much? Not so long ago our nation was well recognised for its beauty, culture and peace. We knew how and the importance of treating our fellow citizens with love, care and compassion. We knew how to provide, protect and guide our neighbours’ children as our own.

Nowadays, the same parents, guardians and elders who are supposed to protect and be role models to adolescents are abusing and destroying their lives. Husbands who are supposed to love and take care of their wives and children are killing them. Teachers, whose duty is to educate and make young children realise their dreams, are sleeping with them and destroying their future. Even police officers, who we trust for our protection and the prevention of crime, have become part of those unlawful acts.


Where are we going as emaSwati? What are we really installing in these young minds? Statistics have outlined that a large number of rapists and murderers once experienced those things at a tender age. Many young people have become so reckless and cruel because of things that happen in their living environments.

Parents no longer sit down and discuss with their children about the right ways of living. When we are supposed to be grooming and moulding adolescents to be future professionals who will help upgrade our nation to our dream of First World status, we instead continuously fill their minds with anguish, anger and hatred through our disheartening acts.

This has to stop. Our children and woman need love and protection. Communities need to hold hands and find means to stop this massacre. Asingabukelelani maSwati, asakheni live letfu. Life is imponderable, it doesn’t mean if kusengakenteki kuwe ngeke kusakuvelela. We all need each other. One liSwati child cannot build our nation alone; they need to work with that neighbour’s child, that friend’s child, and even that enemy’s child. Lena yindzaba yetfu sonkhe.

Brand Shota

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