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While growing up life was just simple; whenever my decision-making was bad the teacher or my mother would always jokingly prick my head with their index finger and the usual expression would be; “Use your mind young man, use your mind.”

At times this expression would somehow confuse me because of the complexity of the mind and the mere fact that the mind cannot be used just like you use a tool like a hammer.

Then one would be asking themselves what is the difference between the mind and the brain. Can the two be separated? I think the brain is the tangible part which comprises the left and right vertebras, which are visible when you operate a human being.

Then the mind is the invisible portion of the thinking ability of a human being. The brain’s main purpose is to take the many activities carried out by the mind; the two cannot be physically separated even though the works of the mind are complex.

And then come to think of it, there is a difference when you think using the mind and when you meditate using the heart.
Can the difference be felt? I believe meditating with the heart goes with feelings and emotions, while thinking with the mind is more action-oriented. Whenever you feel pain and are in distress, it is immediately digested by your heart where emotions will run through the system of the body as pain or joy and immediately decision-making will be involved and it will quickly run to be completely digested by the mind where a decision has to be made.

Coming to the subject matter, ‘can we feel the difference when we think with our minds and when we think with our souls’?
Let’s begin here; the soul is the thinking part of the human spirit, it is found in the spiritual realm. It is the one responsible for deciding on behalf of the spirit. When a person accepts Christ or makes a decision in the realm of the spirit, the soul is responsible for making that decision. The soul is the one responsible for taking a human being to heaven or eternal condemnation through the decisions it takes.

The decision made by the soul in the realm of the spirit can be transferred to the physical realm and affect a human being either positively or negatively. Then the mind directly gets signals from the soul after it has decided to carry out the action without the mind actually getting involved in the thinking. A human being actually has complex parts, which are the heart, the mind, the soul and the spirit, and I am asking myself in all this extra-terrestrial parts, where is love mostly received? Let’s walk together as we take on a complex journey of love, a journey is ahead.

Siphiwo Lushaba

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