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Have you ever, for one second, wondered, with all the debates on the spiritual realm and the physical realm, the difference between these two realms? Do the differences in these two realms have anything to do with our terrestrial bodies which are made of three terrestrial beings?

One is already thinking, does the spiritual realm really exist, can we see it, can we touch it? Are we really allowed to even go there, are there other beings living in that realm? Can these beings hurt us? And one could question have we ever had one of our own beings even going there. This subject leaves one with many questions than answers and some of them may take a lifetime to answer and at times some will never get the answers to these questions in their lifetime.
Coming to the physical realm, how far are we from the spiritual realm, how far is the spiritual realm supposed to be connected with the physical realm?

Do these realms co-exist, are they supposed to co-exist? Are living beings supposed to live in both these realms; what about the dead? This is my personal testimony. I know of both realms (worlds), I have seen them both.

I am living in both realms and have found a way to make use of both of them. I have discovered that there is a thin line between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Such a line is to some extent compared to a nonexistent line. My continual discovery has come to reveal to me that the spiritual realm is but the world of declaration where the Word of God governs all creation.

Those who help in governing the spiritual realm are those who are solely attached to the Supreme God, they have Christ living in them and dictating in their physical lives. What these people speak in this realm immensely affects or completely affects the physical realm. Everything in the physical realm is controlled by the words spoken in the spiritual realm, everything has to first happen in the spiritual realm before they actually happen in the physical realm.

One is already astonished and asking themselves; “So what exactly are these realms summarised to Siphiwo?” I believe the physical realm is but the virtual world of the real world called the spiritual realm. We have one and only real world called spiritual realm and our physical realm is but our only permission to be on earth.

The angels and demons at times need our bodies in order to get permission to be on earth. These spirits’ presence on earth can also be felt in the physical realm and also impacts our lives immensely.

Then the question comes up again; what separates these two realms? I believe it’s a thin line as thin as a sheet of A4 plain paper.
That thin line is what brings every creation together; using a human mind may seem thin but a Godly mind reveals massive connections that bring everything together and that line is God, and He is love. 

As I summarise the introduction to the subject of terrestrial beings let me lay it plainly using words of one wise man when he said the spiritual realm is but the storeroom for the physical realm. Just like a small child taking its first steps of love fulfilling its journey, it’s a long way ahead.

Siphiwo Lushaba

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