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Since the circus called elections started gaining momentum, there had been surprises and more are yet to come for the whole country to witness. First it was the ex- MPs who are so greedy that they would die or kill to be re-elected.

They are the Swati Mugabe’s, who by hook or crook will go to any extent of even hating their immediate families if it happens that they lose elections. I still stand by my previous stance that ex-MPs must give the country a break, period!

Deserved salary raises
They had their time and messed up, so why must they be voted back?  I can only recall how two of them were honest enough to ask why they deserved salary raises because they have done nothing for the country? That was MP Mkhululi Dlamini from Hhukwini and one MP Petros Mavimbela who questioned the budget allocation for the army.

These two former MPs deserve a second chance because they showed the steel they are made of. This is what we need, not these sick cows who continuously nod their heads in agreement to everything passed therein. We need MPs who will formulate statutes that will protect the country from people like the outgoing inept Cabinet and government. We know it for a fact that Parliament is no more about policy making, but is about money. That is my reason for today’s topic.

Somewhere in the Lubombo Region, a proper clown is campaigning for the  MP position, and chances are that he will make it to Parliament. That just goes to show how clueless we are as a country to vote for such. I am not jealous but I am asking myself if we are really serious in seeing this country move forward when we still vote for someone who has hardly done his Form V?

Ladies and gentlemen, are we really serious? It’s true that intelligence is not measured by qualifications one has because there are some idiots who hold Doctorates but are very poor in managing anything on this planet. My concern is that for a Form V pupil to interpret some legislation can’t be a walk in the park. 

high position
I am yet to see how this young guy shall perform in his ‘O’ level. This being Eswatini, it does not matter that much how educated you are to be considered for a high position which demands that you must have a certain qualification. Here in Eswatini, it’s all about whom you rub shoulders with.

I clearly recall how one ex-minister who had only Form III was once appointed and that just meant education is not a priority at all in the country. You ask yourself why we need to go to school if one can be appointed into a senior position without any consideration of his qualifications.

This is a true mockery of the educated emaSwati graduates, who are stranded at home. But again, this is Eswatini where you get promoted because being corrupt it’s a prerequisite for a position. If you are not corrupt, then forget about being promoted or appointed to a senior position.

That is why I can’t work for such and do not wish to be appointed into such positions.  I would rather die poor than get recognition for wrong reasons. The country is where it is today because of a corrupt government.

bankrupt of ideas

The biggest loophole with our Constitution is the number of years a person must reach to qualify to be elected into Parliament. That is the reason why there are people who now take Parliament as their place of employment and do not wants to leave and give others a chance. This is totally wrong.
There must be a clause in the Constitution that stipulates that a person must not exceed more two terms in Parliament. In the absence of such a clause, it seems there are people who are hell-bent on being lifetime MPs.

This is totally offside.

Once you stay in one position you become useless and bankrupt of ideas; therefore it’s very fair that one must give others a chance. 
Again, there must be a set minimum requirement for a person aspiring to be an MP. The least a person can have must be a Diploma not this circus we have.  That is the reason we will never take Parliament seriously. That is the reason why the global village is mocking us day in and day out.

Lastly but not least, I stand by my opinion that ex- MPs never helped the country. This minute they roll out a motion of no confidence, the next minute they withdraw it. Shame on them! Who can ever take them serious? We can only wait to see what the future holds for this country. But as for the calibre who is campaigning to become MPs, I reserve my comments.

Let’s wait and see what will happen; and if we shall reach the dreamt about vision 2022. I might be wrong after all about the minimum requirement because Sir Winston Churchill led his country with very minimum education.

By: khokhumncadvo dlamini
Ka – zondwako (ebutsini)

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