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The heart is a precious object that assists our overall existence by loyally pumping blood. Of course I don’t want to talk about that heart; my discussion is centred on that part of you that brings by the sentiments, attitudes, the central stimuli to most of your actions. However, we can’t deny exactly how much of a liability it can be in our lives and to other people if not used properly.

The greatest toxin of our lives is indeed our own heart buried within us. It is for that reason that there came by the saying ‘inhlitiyo ngumtsakatsi’. What grows within our own hearts is capable of being a hindrance to the next person’s life. However, the greatest victim of your heart is you.

It tells you now and then more persistently than any other speaker; you are lazy, and you aren’t capable of changing your reckless ways. You think it will stop but no it never does; you can’t do it only he (pointing at the next person you admire) can do it. Lol what! Did you really fool yourself you could? That’s your heart my dear, your own, not that of your enemy.

You climb the wall with fury if you hear your enemy call you a loser, but trust me you do allow that pretty little evil within you to keep emitting that to your body and mind.

Now let’s stop fretting about what you need to change, let’s address the vital issue - how do you break those chains. How often did you hear your heart say ‘I wish I could do this and that’? That’s the strength of your mind, yes it is. You know why, because it’s visionary enough to see what you’re capable of, your potential, the unique inventions in you (when I talk of invention I not only talk of new technology and the like but mainly of anything, the problem solving ability, the top notch choral singer voice, etc).

 Take a deep breath, yes that’s good. Now listen to my story carefully. There was a man standing by a dull window. He glared outside into the outstretched land.

The atmosphere had the worst appeal though some children were playing outside. Nothing, nothing at all was interesting. Just as you can expect he felt his spirit drop drastically. Gloomily he strode away from the window, after a while he came back. Suddenly his face lightened up, guess why?

His wife had just wiped the windows and they sparkled like never before. The children outside frolicked happily, the gentle sun kissed their checks tenderly, the grass shone with chlorophyll. But trust me nothing had changed outside, but his view.

 My sister, my brother the fact that you stopped the bottle or breastfeeding means you’re now strong. You’re strong enough to stand up before anyone tells you to do so. Now stand up, stand up for what your mind believes in.

You are your king, your queen, you own the command for a change in your views, take time to pamper your mind with positive thinking. Remember, that man got the new feel of life by wiping his window. Clean your view, apologize to your mind for allowing negativity to make you think you can’t because you can.

Sithandiwe Dlamini
Timphisini Central High

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