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Upon visiting the Swaziland Water Services Corporation Centre to pay my water bill I noted numerous people complaining and even becoming nasty towards the cashiers as though those cashiers were to blame for their high water bills.

As I jogged through my township I noted hundreds and thousands of litres of water flowing downstream. It was obvious this had gone on through the night.

I approached a house-owner on the route and asked if he had reported the fault. And to my shock he said no, it did not affect him.
“It is not registering in my meter, so I did not bother.” Hello! Of course it does.

Any amount of water ‘wasted’, even if it does not record in your meter, must be divided among all the residents and thus the reason it is imperative we all take ownership of the water and report any faults immediately.

Water is scarce in most parts of the world besides being a necessity. It is so precious that most households in the township still do not have running water inside their rented rooms. So dear readers, the next time you fail to report a fault, don’t complain if your water bill is astronomical. That is Karma’s way of ensuring you start to take care of all that is! Wasted water is all our business. You are the one who will suffer when your water is cut off for non-payment. I just thought I should share. We have to become more conscious of how much water we waste.

Inalda Jorge-Antonio


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