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Archaeology has given us historical evidence which proves that Jesus Christ was not just a mythical figure, as some seem to think but was a very real person who is present in the historical texts of many cultures. The Jews know him as Yeshua while Muslims know Him as Isa.

In the ancient Roman Empire, which occupied the land of Israel during His time, He was called Iesus Christos.
The Bible tells us that Jesus came as a perfect or sinless sacrifice to carry our sins and we have to accept Him as our Lord and Saviour.
This alone tells us that Jesus was not an ordinary person, because there is no such thing as a perfect human being who does not sin (1 John 1: 7-10). Sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden and has consequences which are everlasting.

Jesus came to break the curse of sin by paying the penalty for the sins of all those who believe in Him. He was put to death on the cross in our place but arose from the dead three days later and many weeks before ascending to heaven to show those believers who had already passed on that they too will one day arise from the state of death and will also ascend to heaven with Him together with those who are still living (Matthew 16: 28). Something tells me that these people have already been born.

What kind of human being has the power to perform miracles and has power over life and death? Jesus Christ was no ordinary human being.
He was the Almighty God himself, in the flesh, living among His own creation.

He came to earth to offer himself as a perfect, divine sacrifice in order to save his own creation from the consequences of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden and to teach us how to live acceptable lives while we are still on this earth.
The God of the Bible is not just some invisible imaginary being which some people choose to believe in to alleviate the pressure of life in an unjust world.

He is a very real and personal being who once physically walked the face of the earth in the presence of human beings.
And yet, many people choose to believe that there is no God and choose instead to follow in the wisdom of friends and other people.
These are people who would rather settle for the drop in the ocean instead of the ocean in its entirety.

LiSwati citizen

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