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Salutations to all. I write this letter of interest about a subject which I know shall challenge many differing views. I will start by bringing in the authoritative writing about mankind, which is the Holy Bible.

Genesis 2:15, 18, 21-25 as my reference and take-off place. God set up mankind with a clearly exemplified foundation. Man must have a wife and, equally so for the woman, she must have a husband. That is righteously Godly.

family institution

Now, my question is: why are both camps cowering from this family institution? I think any man or woman who is mentally weak, easily resolve not to be married yet they can’t keep away from the inside marriage benefit of sex. Life is about achievements in all fields of life. We know that in any field in society if you don’t go through the normal processes you are called a cheat.

But what about backing away from marriage but remain sexually active? The reason is that marriage is for the strong-minded, not the weak.

You know marriage needs the strong and disciplined. I wrote this letter to challenge individuals’ stances on this matter so that one can grade himself or herself and find out where they stand. Make sure you do not shift blame from yourselves, that’s the easy thing to do. Whatever you experience in trial and error should not give you a qualified excuse of reasons.

common practice
Nope. In life I have learned that it’s common practice with us people to blame and have all and sundry guilty except you. Yet in most circumstances we are victims of our delinquent decisions and we never take responsibility at all. Marriage is the basic place where our minds are constructively challenged in an atmosphere which you must not bolt out but weather through and be ever adapting in learning. Single people who are sexually active are cheats and cowards. To be a man or woman is not only just a natural occurrence.

Not at all! You must know it’s from God and you must learn about it to find out what is expected of you by God for you will account one day. Weak-minded personalities resolve to hearken to this world deceived by the devil, 1John5:19 and Revelation12:9 and adhere to their own rights or human rights privileges of doom darkness.

Who must get married? The answer is: the man or woman who has garnered the necessary knowledge about marriage from sound teachings of the Word of God and has practised living the flesh frustrating life of obedience. If you are weak-minded you shall lazily resolve to live the care-free life of a sinner, which you shall pay eternally for. Begin now to cultivate a strong mind.
Digest this in thought before you jump for my jugular in debate or arguments.

Word Apostle Robert.

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