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Many people in the country are rightly concerned about the brutality that seems to be permeating many spheres and sectors of our society at such an alarming and increasing rate in the country lately.
Almost on a daily basis we read of horrifying and brutal accounts of murders, suicides, rapes and very strange happenings across the kingdom.

A majority of the brutal murders seem to be crimes of passion, where lovers kill their loved ones.
It is increasingly becoming scary and spine-chilling. It is alarming that even those who profess
to love God are involved in these nefarious acts.


What is going on? Why the anger, the intolerance? Is there an unseen force behind the scenes invading the minds of men and women and causes them to commit such callous acts?

You won’t believe it, but those discerning enough and those into true Godly and spiritual things will tell you, and rightly so, that these things were predicted by none other than the giver of life himself - the God of the universe.


Scoffers will probably scoff and ridicule my assertions, but the truth of the Bible and God’s prophetic word is testimony that what is happening is something God predicted will take place in the last days.
One may rightly ask himself the question on everyone’s lips: Why is there so much violence lately?
A very damning and revealing prophetic verse about what is happening in the country and across the universe is found in 2 Timothy 3: 2 - 5.

Dust your Bibles and carefully read word by word what the Bible says is going to take place in these last days.
Few in the country can deny that what we are now experiencing in terms of violence and brutality against women and children, among others, is unprecedented.
We need national repentance, if that were possible. We need strong and passionate prayers to God to intervene in human affairs.
We need to refrain from paying lip service on worshipping God and stop doing what Matthew 15:7-9 implores us to stop.
Let’s heed God’s warnings in His prophetic word and take action by drawing near to God.
Let us not fool ourselves; it is going to get worse as we hurtle towards the second coming of Christ.
Crime statistics
The love of many has certainly gone cold. Crime statistics are chilling and the police have their hands full trying to stem the increase in lawlessness. Without our input as communities, the
police will fight a losing battle.

A Nxumalo

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