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Eswatini is a blessed nation in that religion is deeply entrenched in our societies. We are dominantly Christians. If we have atheists, they are few.

Christianity has struck us all by its ‘beauty’ and thus we assented to it with immediacy depriving ourselves the chance to reason about it. This is one religion which is arm-twisting, with statements of, ‘you just have to believe’.
Though some people would argue that the mysteries of faith could never be reduced to clear, distinct ideas but I still find it necessary that reason should be applied to faith.

Pupils of history will remember the hostility that existed between the US in the west and the former USSR in the east.
Therefore my fears are rooted in what I see as a divorce between faith and reason. I am motivated by the belief that God created us in a way that enables us to reason. Within us exists an infinite room for the reasoning power to exert itself.

We must therefore strive to think deep on what we choose to believe in so that we may retire with safety on it.
Moreover, so that we can make good choices and decisions that will not be controversial thus contributing to social stability and development because of the opportunities we will create.
Every morning we wake up to news that people are dying or are murdered.

More than a decade ago Eswatini experienced one of the worst human cruelties where over 30 women were killed in the forests of Malkerns and Mankayane.
A lot of families lost their loved ones and even today they are still trying to come to terms with this tragedy. We were all affected.

It is because of such things that dissent and doubt creep into our hearts. The question we asked is where is God when it hurts this much? Is God real or a phantom? What is happening world over tempts one to say God is a phantom. If not, why is He letting us suffer so much? Where is his unconditional love for us?

It is on such a background that as Christians we should stand up and respond to the sentiments or grievances of these people and assure them that God is present, He understands what they are going through and he is doing something.
God is real, therefore, our present circumstances should not sway us to dissent, doubt and spiritual violence. Such things are nothing but natural routines of life.

K M 

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