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It is often said science is the backbone of human progress and that through science, we can now explain the origins of life itself. In fact, scientific theories, such as the ‘big bang’ and ‘evolution’ can now be found in the textbooks of most schools all around the world.

It is as if the main aim of science is to attempt to disprove the existence of the Creator without providing any credible evidence to do so.

Even though the ‘big bang’ theory is considered by many adepts of science to be indisputable fact, there are many scientists in the field of astronomy who now think that our universe – which some people have even come to worship – is in fact one of countless universes which pop in and out of existence all the time, just like the bubbles in a glass of Sprite, and all this form a ‘big bang’ theory where nothing exploded in the middle of nowhere.

Interestingly, astronomers who were always skeptical about the existence of  third star in the Sirius Star system were baffled upon receiving confirmation that there was indeed a third star after developing the sophisticated technology which allowed them to do so.

Interestingly, this is something which had long been confirmed by the ancient so-called ‘legends’ of the Dogon Tribe of Mali. In fact advanced knowledge of science and astronomy was common throughout the ancient world. Through archeology – which is yet another field of science – we know that ancient civilizations possessed technology which allowed them to build highly advanced structures such as those found in Egypt or Central America.

History also tells us that many of those ancient cultures also followed what appears to have been a ‘global’ religion whose ‘eye’ symbol can still be found in the ancient ruins of nearly every continent.

This religion was thought to be based on the knowledge given to humans by beings from ‘other worlds’. In many myths and legends from around the world, there are similar accounts of ‘superior beings’ from a long lost land which sank beneath the ocean in the distant past.

This is remarkably similar to the scientific theory about a pre-historic super continent often referred to as ‘Gondwanaland’ which is said to have split up into various continents that exist today.

But far from explaining how the universe and life originated, science often leaves us with more questions than answers. The second law of thermodynamics (the law of disorder), for example, suggests that in the absence of an intelligent ‘caretaker’, everything in the universe tends towards disorder.

This scientific law completely contradicts the idea that the order found in the universe somehow resulted from a random big bang and that life evolved by chance from primitive life forms. Perhaps what scientists will eventually discover one day is that in the beginning there was only darkness – until God created light.

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