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I hope you will give me space to question government and all education stakeholders on the issue of free primary education. I hope the Cabinet of PM Sibusiso Dlamni will task the DPM and the minister of Education to respond not only to me but to the whole Swazi nation. I hope MPs will also do their job.

If primary schools in Shiselweni are operating without money what is really happening in the classrooms? Is there sound teaching and learning?

At primary schools teachers are not expected to teach without teaching material since the learners are too young to understand facts without concrete material. What will happen to the failing rate, will it not increase this year? Or you will force head teachers to promote repeaters?

Or you want to tell us that it is part of a head teacher’s duty to run a school from his/her pocket? Why on earth are you killing our education? Why are you destroying the future of these poor souls? Why are you frustrating head teachers in this region? What wrong has Shiselweni done against government?

Acting PS, free primary education was introduced in 2010 and it has not increased from E560, then why did you go all the way to Shiselweni to tell head teachers to withdraw those without pin numbers because that will affect the schools’ budgets and kill education? Why did you do it only to Shiselweni? Why not first make sure that all children had birth certificates?

Are you aware that those without pins are in most cases orphans? So who will pay for them?
Why do you frustrate head teachers with a task belonging to the corrupt Ministry of Home Affairs?
I mean a corrupt ministry uses strict rules against our orphans and fails to use the same rules to foreigners? Before implementing the no pin no FPE, fix the Ministry of Home Affairs first.

Acting Education PS your iron hand may fit you in the this system of the Tinkhundla Government but the injustice on orphans will not bless you and your government, instead down the line the crime rate will increase.

SNAT and SWAPA you are nothing but toothless watchdogs that need to be exchanged with beautiful cats that could at least be friends of the family baby. Primary teachers are your members but you allow government to stress them.

We have noted with great disappointment how you make noise on issues affecting high schools and are silent on issues affecting primary teachers. Why allow government trick primary teachers to operate schools from their pockets? Angitihhamuli but my questions need answers. Silence is no longer accepted by readers of this publication.

Concerned Educator

NOTE: In a recent interview, Principal Secretary in the DPM’s Office Khangeziwe Mabuza, confirmed that payments had not been made. Mabuza said they were hoping to finalise all payments by the end of this month and stated that processing of the funds was already underway. She declined to state how far the process was but said it was already in motion. She said the money would be deposited into school accounts soon and that their target was to pay before the end of term, which, according to the school calendar, is April 20, 2018.


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