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Taking time to meditate about the beginning of all things, thinking about how our being came to be. As I take an imaginary journey, thinking of the words the Lord spoke in the beginning, I can imagine God the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit and Heavenly dwellers taking time to settle down and bring together ideas on how to create their masterpiece.

I can imagine the agenda of the day being a human being. Imagine Our Father creating the habitation and habitants for the sea, sky and land (near complete).

It is worth noting, though that habitation had been complete throughout all creation; God just needed one piece to complete the whole puzzle. He needed a being who would manage all the other created beings, a being that would be a resemblance of His being.
A being so unique that even all creation on earth or Heaven would be able to relate with and would take the earthly form of Our Father (God.)

I can imagine Our Father saying we have created the trees, we have created the animals but one thing was missing. A piece of this puzzle is missing, and the puzzle itself won’t be complete without this portion.

Then He said to himself; “Let us make man in our own image, man who is after our likeness. Man whom when they open their mouths to utter anything they are designed to talk like us.

When they start making movements they should walk like us, even their judging abilities should be like us (they should judge like us).”
This being should be able to command creation to be aligned according to God’s word. ‘Kwahlalwa phansi’. I have a tendency of walking about, especially when it comes to making crucial decisions and when I see something unique and I observe that it can only be the Lord who can teach me such things.

God never walked about, He never ran out of ideas or ran in different directions ‘azange azulazule’; He sat down.
I can imagine the Almighty sitting at His mighty throne, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit seated on their mighty thrones.
The four Heavenly creatures, 24 elders as well as all Heavenly hosts. “Watsi sengikwakhe konkhe, kepha sekushoda umntfwana wami, lotolandzela etinyatselweni tami.”

Just imagine a crab’s natural movements, its children usually take after its parents and adopt that same walk. What stands out is the fact that these creatures try by all means to imitate the father.
This is the same way the father encourages us to take after His being since we were created to imitate Him. As I take one step forward I am imitating God, following Christ and led by the Holy Spirit, a journey lies ahead, behold.

Siphiwo Lushaba

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