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I am a youth who could not get education in Swaziland because my parents did not have money to pay for my fees. Most Swazi students are leaving Swaziland to seek for a better future in the neighbouring countries (mainly South Africa) because they want free education.

So much money is spent on luxurious lifestyles for people who spend money like it’s nothing while most Swazi people are uneducated because of high fees; others are unemployed because of poor job opportunities.
So what is there to celebrate about the so called 50/50 celebrations? What is there to celebrate when my mother could not get a piece of land to build her home because she does not have a husband?

What is there to celebrate about the 50/50 when they claim that government does not have money when I tried to ask for help to pay for my studies? Students are suspended because they protest in demand for their right to education, the right to freedom of assembly, scholarship, allowances and against the poor facilities in their institutions of higher learning.

Millions will be spent on the 50/50 celebrations while we still struggle as Swazi people. Hospitals are too far from poor people; and they receive poor treatment. There are no job opportunities, taxes are still going up, yet government says we must celebrate 50 years of independence.

How long should we turn a blind eye on what is happening in our country? How long should I be a prisoner of my own thoughts because I am scared to go to jail? How long should we sit back while people are stealing our money and land? If it is a democratic country; where do I vote and how does it benefit me? Why am I being arrested for my freedom of expression if I claim my democracy? Why am I being arrested and victimised for voicing out the wrong things that are happening in the country?

Sibonakaliso Maziya
Big Bend

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