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Whether Tsotsi Mabila was questioned by the police or went there of his own volition or not, is of no value right now but the fact is it took a long time for the police to negate the circulated social media assertions that Tsotsi did discuss details of Victor Gamedze’s assassination with the police because he was privy to what transpired prior to the assassination and was probably a suspect.

Not only was it too late for the police national commissioner to quash those rumours as per Mabila’s request but moreover his safety had been subsequently jeopardised to say the least. What were they contemplating all along?

It makes us wonder who is telling the truth but mostly why delay Tsotsi’s request for the police to set the record straight when he felt his life was in danger. To the nosy lot (labanenhlanga) as referred to by Tsotsi, it triggers fears that somebody might not be keeping their end of the bargain after realising that it was dangerous. If that mindset is what feeds the nosy lot, what transpired is tantamount to negligently setting dogs at a possibly innocent citizen. It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many who were hoping the police had a solid case after the swift arrest of Sipho Shongwe. If the police are not careful as evidenced by the leakage of sensitive video footages and supposed key conversations etc, they are going to throw this case in disarray.

I was disappointed when they admitted that social media played a role in the aftermath and immediate arrests because I was hoping to hear about the possession of solid evidence admissible in court. The general public and indeed those who are not convinced about what is being said and being denied are no wonder taking pot shots at whatever is left of the police service’s reputation.

The conclusion is rife that the police service is full of sellouts and rotten potatoes who have gone a mile further by making social media irresponsible, thus undermining their oath of office and feeding the fires formed by the nosy gang of our free social media and its cohorts at social circles around the country.

To put it plainly, whatever transpired has confirmed the worst - emaphoyisa akanasifuba - our police cannot be trusted with keeping intelligence and protecting witnesses.

You expect the commissioner to rein his troops and lament this especially in this case because the first to collect evidence must be the first to be probed when there is a leakage of sensitive material but no way, after all, we are all related in Swaziland - umzala utjela umzala baleka or bukela. If that were not true Dzodzo would not have escaped, if you ask me.


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