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The word ‘Islam’ means ‘to surrender’. It does not mean ‘to have faith’. It means ‘to surrender to the total authority of Muhammad and Allah’.

The Islamic Dawah is the name given to inviting people to Islam. There are five ways in which this is done. One of them is to invite a person directly to become a Muslim.

The other way is Dawah through influencing the political system, the economic system, the judicial system or the society. This is what is currently happening in most European countries. The economy is not free. The judiciary is not free because of Islamic laws. The media is also not free.

The Islamic view is totally different because religion occupies their whole life. Their personal life is almost nonexistent. What they eat depends on their faith; what they drink depends on their faith; what they wear and which friends they have are defined by their Islamic religion.

The Quran says there is only one religion, ‘submission’, and we call it Islam. Islam does not mean peace. The very first message of Muhammad was; “You become a Muslim, then you live in peace with us.” Islam is just not a religion but, it is religion, government and politics. There has been no separation since 622AD.

The Islamic sources are the Quran and the Sunnah. Muslims believe that the Quran is the last divine book which was revealed through the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad from Allah in 610AD.

Islam is not just a religion, but a system. It is a social, religious, economic and judicial system. Everything has to be Islam and this is what makes it difficult for many people to understand its culture.
About 46 per cent of the Quran and Islamic theology is devoted the political system with Jihad being at heart of the Islamic ideology. Jihad is more than just praying five times a day.

Jihad is an Islamic term referring to the religious duty of Muslims to maintain and defend the religion at all costs.
The ultimate purpose of Jihad is that non-Muslims (infidels) must submit to Allah by choice or by force. They also perpetrate Jihad through the Halaal food you find all over.

They force non-Muslims to eat the way they want them to eat. This is meant to neutralise Christians and Jews and to get them to contribute to their economic growth by buying Halaal products.
Halaal food is food dedicated to Allah who is an idol. According to Acts 15:20, Acts 21:25 and many other scriptures, Christians have been warned not to eat food offered or dedicated to any idol. Halaal food is not different from food offered to ancestors (emadloti).

There is a belief among Christians that they can pray and sanctify Halaal food and that is false, because food offered to idols cannot be sanctified. If that was the case then the warning to desist from such food would not have been given in the scriptures.
Halaal food is poison to Christians; it kills them spiritually, just as Haram (non-hallal) food is poison to Muslims. Lastly, Muslims have come to Swaziland to fulfill the Jihad.

They are here to take over the economic, judiciary, political and religious systems. They will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. If you don’t believe me look around.
It’s time for the church to breakdown all denominational barriers and stand in prayer 24/7 as one and take back everything from the hands of Muslims.

Pastor Celani Mhlanga

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