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Thank you for allowing me space to make Christians become aware of the irregularities that come with fashion. If you want to serve the mighty God, leave fashion behind because it compromises the word of God.

The wearing of pants by female Christians is a sin before God and no one will ever enter the Kingdom of God with a sin. I know that many Christians are made to believe that God has nothing to do with clothing but let me put it clearly, those who told you so are the ones who are more interested in your wealth than your eternal lives. Deuteronomy 22 verse 5 says whoever wears clothing of the opposite sex is drivel before God.

You must notice that the issue of dress codes was not revoked by the arrival of Christ but it was fulfilled as you find it even in the New Testament in 1Timothy 2 verses 9-14. According to this scripture women are supposed to be respectable and dress modestly. To dress modest is a Greek term meaning in dresses. 

Are they respectable if they are exposing their private parts through wearing pants? Jesus acknowledged that temptations are meant to happen but the source of those temptations is in trouble (Luke 17 v 1). “Remember that times can change but the Word of our Lord never changes,” I answered one pastor who said the Word of God must move with the times in order for people to come to church.

I went on to say Singamane sibe babili esontfweni kune kutsi singa gcwala sibe singayenti intsandvo yaGod (Matthew 7 vs 21-4).  I once revealed this truth in the presence of a well known top Mbabane pastor and he agreed that this is the truth but said ‘Utawudla lishonile, nawutabatjela kutsi bangawagcoki emabhuluko batawuhamba bangabuyi kubebete lomnikelo’.

I was very hurt that pastors do not tell the truth just because of money. Some are made to believe that God only wants the heart and he does not care about the body. Where is that verse derived from because Revelations 3 verse 20 says the heart is where God knocks to seek permission to enter into someone? Does it mean if you knock on the door you are seeking that door? Wake up Swazis and smell the coffee; Jesus is coming. Stay away from bad practices and the love you have for this earth.

S Dlamini

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