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Going through terrible situations has the potential to bring out even the worst terror out of us! The anger, pain and hatred that arises from these situations is a dangerous force that can slowly turn us into monsters if we let it.

That is why we have to fight not to be those monsters, but rather to conquer our way out of that world of darkness into a world of light and hope.

The painful truth is that most dangerous people were not born that way. They were transformed into monsters by certain situations that they went through, which not only hurt and angered them, but also drove them to seek revenge. It all started with the pain, anger, hate and the feeling of worthlessness. From all this, then sprung up the desire to do unto their victimisers the same thing that was done to them. The anger and pain are what made them to be heartless and ruthless. It is what motivates them. That is how most murderers, abusers and rapists are born.

This is why it is important for us to learn to deal with pain, hate or anger and not just cover it up or pretend like it is not there. Dealing with it enables us to have the upper hand, but covering it up makes it easier for us to make our way into the world of darkness. Without realising it, we slowly turn into monsters as the rage; pain and hate engulf us more and more. Reliving that horrible experience every day is what arouses the desire to seek revenge. It is for this reason why it is important to get professional help, otherwise, once that pain and anger taste revenge, it is hard, but possible, for it to stop. Dealing with it is best.

Innocent people end up paying the price for the anger and pain that has not been dealt with. Most boys who witnessed their mothers being violently abused by their fathers end up being violent abusers themselves. Some men who had their hearts broken by women who played them end up using every way they can to inflict pain on every woman they see, be it in the form of rape or murder. I could go on and on about this, but the point is, once in that world of darkness, anyone who looks like your victimiser is seen as the reason for your pain. Most of the time you just cannot stop because every time you do it, it feels like your horrible actions are justified by your pain and anger.

However, that pain and anger can be dealt with; it can be fought. We have to fight those overwhelming feelings that want to imprison us. Turning to drugs, alcohol and committing suicide are not the way to do it. Getting professional help however, is. We have to get to the point where we stop running and begin to face our devils.

The Fight

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