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This year is going to be one of the busiest years in the country as we will be celebrating a number of things; 50 years since the kingdom got its independence, among others. Independence is one of the most important celebrations we need to celebrate as a country.

But as we are celebrating, we need to know what we are celebrating. Did the country achieve its goals and if we did, what more can we do? If we failed what were the challenges and what can we do to rectify them?

It’s important to sit down and look back at these things. Indeed we will be celebrating the birth of our King as Swazis and I’m optimistic that the people of this country will agree with me that kute lokumnandzi lokwengca kuba nenkhosi, who always intervenes positively in whatever problems faced by the country.

One incident that comes to mind is the one involving the Swaziland Christian University. To me, the way the King intervened shows that he has the interest of his people at heart all the time. Secondly, the effort the country put in regaining AGOA shows that he is a King who thinks about the people.

We will be going to the polls in a few months time, where we will be electing individuals who will be representing us in Parliament, who will be responsible for giving direction to 2022. That is why this is an important year. On the issue of the elections, we really need to elect people who will give us proper direction to 2022.

We need politicians who will make people properly understand the system of governance. We need true ambassadors of the Tinkhundla system because all Swazis, young and old, must have a clear picture of what the system is all about. The coming Cabinet has got the task of ensuring that the poor and the rich make it to 2022. They have the task of ensuring that we will all go to 2022 well versed about the Tinkhundla system.

Ronnie Dlamini  

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