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I am concerned and troubled by disturbing newspaper headlines I come across every week, if somebody has not committed suicide, then the news is about a man killing his lover.

What haunts me is our safety in the kingdom as we are blatantly failing to live in harmony with each other yet we are all equal inhabitants of this country. It becomes very heart-trenching when such takes place between people who claimed to be in love.
One does not need to be a social worker or psychologist to note that murder cases as a result of domestic violence are on the rise.
It is very disappointing that such happens while relevant NGOs are spending millions on engaging and discouraging communities on gender-based and domestic violence.

Does this mean that Swazis do not have knowledge of human rights? Does this expose that our fellow citizens are vulnerable?
Some people think that having the power and the capability to end one’s life means having the authority to kill. All we need is respect for human rights and universal humanitarian values.

Gone are the ancient days where in order to solve matters between two parties, blood had to be spilt.
Through peaceful dialogue, differences can be resolved amicably. Our culture provides good platforms where misunderstanding between couples can be solved, i.e. the family, clan leadership and the royal kraal.

Therefore, I do not see the point for people to take matters into their own hands, especially men. Murdering your partner or committing suicide will never solve the problems you have in your relationship.
Government and relevant stakeholders have to seriously make a stand against these atrocities.

People in communities need to be re-educated and be reminded that it is a serious offence to kill, regardless of who it may be; your spouse, fianceé or girlfriend.
Lastly, I want to plead with all the men out there to stop using force in order to solve problems.

If you can’t solve your problems peacefully, seek professional counselling. Going for a counselling session does not make one a lesser man but it is a sign of boldness and bravery that you have taken action against the things that are detrimental to your welfare.
Stop it now

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