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Mythology is part and parcel of most of the world’s many cultures. The interesting thing is that many of the world’s cultures share very similar myths, especially surrounding creation.

The similarities between the creation myths of many native American tribes; the Celtic tribes of Europe and the Dogon tribe of Mali are a case in point.

But while some myths and legends are really nothing more than mere fables, others may contain a certain degree of reality in them.
The national symbols of several countries are based on mythical figures, such as the dragons of China. It is thought that dragons really existed at one point in time and that they were not literal dragons but were in fact reptilian beings from the stars, who apparently came to earth thousands of years ago to teach and to enlighten humanity.

While most people would tend to scoff at the idea of dragons and other so-called myths, the people of the European country of Romania considered their Emperor – Vlad – to be a descendent of the dragon race from the stars and aptly named him Dracula (meaning dragon in the Romanian language). 

Another ‘myth’ surrounding Dracula suggests that he was actually a blood relative of certain members of the British royal family, something which was actually confirmed by Britain’s Prince Charles, who is actually considered by many Romanians to be the rightful heir to the Romanian throne. Incidentally, Prince Charles is also known as the Prince of Wales, and it just so happens that the national symbol of Wales is also a dragon, which appears on the Welsh flag.

According to many so-called conspiracy theorists, this is due to the fact that most of the world’s royal families were installed by these beings from the stars from whom they are believed to have descended. It is interesting to note that the Bible also mentions the dragon.

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