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My heart bleeds every day upon seeing how fellow Swazis are brutally murdered by other Swazis.

Two weeks ago, your publication reported about a woman who was brutally murdered and mutilated in Pigg’s Peak. That woman had a family and she wasn’t killed by a pack of lions but by a person/people who did that to her. The question is why would a person/people kill another, in this manner and the answer is they know that even if they are caught they will be sent to a prison where they will live a luxurious life with our hard-earned salaries. Last week there was another incident, where a man’s car was burgled and when he tried to flee from the vehicle he was stoned and stabbed to death and thereafter those thugs searched his body for his belongings. Again, that man had a family but was killed by thugs who probably wanted money so they could drink alcohol throughout the night with no guilt for what they did.

Why did they kill the man as he was already down, why didn’t they just rob him and leave him there alive?  It is so sad to read or see how poor Swazis are brutally murdered and my message is simple; bring back the death penalty. Therefore I want to take this opportunity and send a heartfelt appeal to the authorities of this country, the prime minister, Parliament and whosoever is concerned to really consider my appeal to bring back the death penalty. This could reduce the rate of such senseless murders since the perpetuators would be in a position to know that if they kill someone, they will also be killed. We are tired of mourning for our beloved relatives who are killed by these senseless people. No man deserves to die at the hands of another man. These murderers deserve to be killed as well, mercilessly and ruthlessly.

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