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The end of days, according to the Bible, will be characterised by a period of great upheavals, chaos, violence, hatred, vanity and destructive natural phenomena which will leave the remnants of humanity reeling.

However, a ‘religious figure’ will appear to supposedly restore ‘order out of the chaos’ and humanity will then be expected to worship this religious figure and receive his (or her) mark on their right hand and on their forehead in order to become members of the new global society he will establish.

Even though some of those Christians who would still be on earth will refuse to worship this ‘saviour’, most will probably be deluded enough to worship him, especially after witnessing his power to bring peace and to perform fake miracles.

We can already see examples of how some Christians allow themselves to be easily beguiled by certain so-called ‘men of God’ because of their perceived ability to perform so-called miracles and because of their wealth and generosity. It’s no wonder that so many gullible Christians seek these ‘men of God’, also hoping to get a taste of the ‘miracle money’ by giving all theirs away.

Already many Christians unknowingly participate in pagan festivals, believing thatb they are Christians in origin, while others are members of secret societies which may appear religious in character but which do not promote the word of God and His gift of salvation to mankind – Jesus Christ. (Bare in mind that we now live in the age of information)!

When God said, in Hosea 4:6; “My people perish from lack of knowledge,” God is referring to Christians as well as to non-Christians. Believe it or not, there are many so-called Christians who do not take some of the Bible’s teachings literally.
Some actually believe In the theory of evolution, while others see no problem with participating in the religious activities of non-Christians, believing that all religions are pathways to heaven.

Swazi citizen

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