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Have you ever wondered why you make plans?

Some plans are personal, some are corporate, and some are strategic, while some are social. All these plans are composed of decisions to execute or achieve certain results in the near future. Now have you even for a second asked yourself why the executed plans become a success. Is it by mere coincidence that the planned decisions become a success? Scientific discoveries have found out that repeatedly thinking about a certain concept and continually working it out in your mind will then attract results similar to what your mind mostly dwells on. This brings us to the widely known theory called the ‘law of attraction’, which says having continual positive or negative thoughts will produce continual positive or negative results.

One is already reminiscing to the effect that we grew up actually being taught to always have positive thoughts but instead situations have forced us into a negative corner. Where we now believe we are not able to achieve certain things, we believe we are less superior to other races, we believe we can never be rich, we believe we can never get out of a negative situation and we believe we are less of a human being than the next achieving person. My point here is that you should adopt a positive way of viewing situations, a positive way of planning and a positive way of receiving results. Try and adopt this way of thinking for a period of more than 21 days until the art of positive thinking is perfected.  The way in which you view life and situations will change, the thought pattern will change and the results will automatically change.

Since positive thinking is an art, a perfected way of thinking will automatically change the way one’s future turns out. A repeated positive way of thinking is not only a healthy way of thinking but the energy you emit in this process also affects those close to you in a positive way. A positive way of thinking does not only change your thought patterns but also stretches the creative side of the mind and brings out the best in you.

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