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Empowering the youth has been a leading wish in my entire life. Bringing awareness and innovation to my people particularly the youth, through my writing skill has always been my pride. It has always been the youth because I believe that with us the country is a better place, after all we are the next generation, a generation of innovation and change.

Our youth is going astray, it is being misled. It is tortured; mocked and destroyed by the monster
we call experience.

The youth is delayed, passed by many opportunities and we spend most of our time with very obvious experiments. We do things that slowly decrease our chances of

success, things that are associated with too many regrets, and we recover very late and others do not recover at all. Today we face serious cases of alcohol and drug abuse.

We face disturbing cases of teenage pregnancies, a fast spread of HIV and a disappointing future for most of our young men and women. Why? Because they have been told that experience is the best teacher.
Today I would like to preach a completely different gospel. I hereby encourage the youth to taste by smelling. Let us learn from the generation before us; take the solutions that have been put in place by those before us. Let us learn from experience only in situations where we encounter a totally new experience.

Young people, we cannot continue to drown ourselves in the same mess that destroyed the future of our parents. Let us not be blind to see that the results of our ignorance will always be the same. Let us just learn that alcohol and drug abuse are barriers to a bright future. Engaging in unplanned and immature sexual intercourse will always result in unwanted pregnancies, and eventually the need to drop out of school. Ladies and gentlemen we do not have to experience this to know its outcomes, instead it will delay or deprive us a happy meaningful life.

We have a vision ahead of us; a journey that only the fittest can undertake. The good news is that surviving in this modern society is not as difficult as we make it seem. It is as simple as listening and avoiding. Let us learn from the generation before us, listen to the teachings of our parents and other authorities. Let us be self-empowered and refuse to be haunted by this monster called experience. So, for our own good, let us try my motion ‘taste by smelling’ and receive success.

Lungelo Matsenjwa
(Thinking out loud)

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