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I’m so glad I did not get up on Thursday morning expecting to see the most intense rivalry in world cricket; that is the ‘Ashes cricket series’ commencing in Perth.

Something is dreadfully wrong at MultiChoice Swaziland because I remember watching this series at the same juncture four years ago but now ‘NO’ cricket series from Australia for us to enjoy, same as there was no cricket shown when South Africa toured there last year and many were left disappointed.

Here is yet another major sporting event that has the whole world’s attention but not here in the kingdom it would seem?
I sincerely hope and pray that many more people subscribe to or jump ship for SA DStv where at least the opportunity to watch something that many have been looking forward to watching ‘ARE’ watching.

As one of the fools with Swaziland DStv I had been enjoying the build up on SuperSport Blitz and I was really looking forward to seeing some of the action. I have to admit I was oblivious that this major event would not be on, a vaunted world sports battle but in my excitement I probably missed that very significant ‘SA Only’ small print?

But as with many sports events being enjoyed by South African subscribers I found myself fuming that MultiChoice Swaziland were not showing it and have not even bothered giving any type of explanation to this fallacy and many other unexplained ‘missing events and shows’ viewers here would undoubtedly enjoy but are unavailable on this fabulous ‘Rest of Africa’ bouquet.

I struggle to find a reasonable explanation myself and there is certainly nothing coming from the local branch as to why we should be missing out when our neighbouring country is not? However, they have made efforts to try and scare those subscribing to SA DStv with pictures of lawyers and threats of comeuppance which would appear to mean nothing thus far as I’m quite sure (and hope) that new subscribers given an opportunity are still choosing SA DStv; and why on earth wouldn’t they, I would! Are LittleChoice Swaziland negotiating on behalf of their subscribers or are they just sitting back and giving it the ‘oh well, it’s not for Swazi subscribers’?


NOTE: In an effort to afford MultiChoice Swaziland the right to reply a call was made to notify them about the letter and they said we should email it to them so that they could respond. The letter was emailed to them on Monday, November 27, but unfortunately there has been no response.

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