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‘Once upon a time’; that to me sounded like an interesting way to start, but either way let’s continue. ‘There once was a prominent and well-known school by its grandeur and the teachers’ educational prowess and teaching skills effectively floated them aloft.

The school had all subjects and activities including an agricultural one, where a garden was. Over time the garden was acceptable and adored since its produce was amazing until one space of time where the garden started growing a particular weed which was dagga. Most lads started jumping over their plots and nurtured the weed plant.

They started smoking the weed which brought them euphoric moments and changes within their environment and physique. Most of them lost weight and not really deliberately, some of them became social misfits and crammed in gangs that did so much to stay on the wrong side of what is right or the law. They lost their intelligence in seconds, yet slowly.

They began losing interest in their neighbouring sex, began to obsess more in that mind boggling type of music that isn’t acceptable in any basilica. That wasn’t all, their passing rate interested no one any more, it dropped like a flag, their faces were no longer smooth and fresh but rather burnt and bitter.

Their clothes hanged on them and they thought themselves high when even their grandfathers were still dreaming of booking a flight ticket. Their faces became crinkled and looked too mature in appearances that seemed to have skipped teenage stage while trying to hold onto it at the same time.

They thought they were the cool ones yet in a recent test they got less than 50 per cent while the person who taught them had a degree. In short they were now deranged. The school saw this and took it upon themselves to research, basically they started from the word ‘weed’, which is a plant that grows where it is not supposed to.

Then if it has grown where it’s not needed you remove it, what reason then makes one to want to use such? The only explanation is that you’re already a product of internal damage and this is just an external development of your out of time fruits. The school decided to halt the use of the garden and totally disconnected themselves from it. As much as this was done do we believe that was enough to stop the damage? No!

Because change is a decision one makes, there is nothing greater in life than looking back and nodding in content, than looking back and wishing to change a couple of scenes. I always say to my peers; “I am no Christopher Bosche, I do have flaws but with those flaws I’m taking notes on them, and that still does not make me impeccable. But I believe it makes me human.” In most instances we find ourselves worried about a group of people who call themselves haters, but let’s be honest, do you think you can have Barrack Obama as one of the people who hate you? Exactly! Why not? Because a person only hates you when you’re doing better than they ever can and are. Dogs bark at moving cars, I’m sure an Australian Dingo would’ve liked that too.

Bayanda Ndzimandze

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