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I love trying out anything and everything; and so my friend opens a gym and sends me an invite to an open weekend. I had totally forgotten about it until another friend phoned and informed me she had the ‘work out of her life’.

Yelele, I decide that Sunday would be my turn. I overcame my insecurities of being among fitness fanatics with their amazingly sculptured bodies. Upon arrival I noted all the muscles.

The only reason I would join a gym would be to tighten up those thigh muscles where gravity is having its own way with me. I have been in the comfort zone with the Yoga and 4km jogs for too long.

We were told to get onto a bicycle. Oh Lord, initially everything seemed fine until they said stand up and the tension button was tightened. My heart started to beat in my head. Yoh!

This functional training session was not for play. Then we got told to do ‘burpees’. Oh great stuff I told myself, this would no doubt help with acid reflux problems; when did I became a gas producing factory I have no idea. Oh no, this was harder than I thought and very different to what I expected.

We were then told to move to a space where we had to heave ourselves up on a bar. Those who had gone prior made it look so easy and then an instructor with an amazing body said ‘only 10’. I felt like he was not serious; I was having great difficulty getting my feet off the ground.
That ball looked so docile until I was told to pick it up and throw it up in the air and squat. Yoh! What muscles were these pulling on my butt?
 I should never have given up horse riding. At least there the feeling of the horse between my legs took away the pulling on my butt!
With this there was absolutely nothing comforting my butt! Just two more said the instructor.

Those dumb bells looked small and yet on the second lifting of same some 35 minutes into my work out I could not lift them! Eventually we were informed we would be ‘winding down’.
Yippee! I had done it, or so I thought until we were put on the bicycle and told to stretch muscles. I discovered that my Yoga helped on these final stretches.

I left there feeling my legs had tightened up; my arms were looking and feeling amazing. This was different from when one watched it while sitting on the couch.

As I drove home it was as if someone had turned on a tap. The sweat poured down my body, which had gone into shock.
I truly needed this workout for not only was it a unique experience for me who had not set foot in a gym for some 35 years, but I felt so good.
Whoopee, gravity you are not going to get the better of me! With swimming time coming up, this body just has to look its best. I’m just loving this feeling, I earned this sweat; got to do it again.

Inalda Jorge-Antonio

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