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Let me humbly take this opportunity to thank the Prime Minister’s office for having formed a department that deals with human trafficking. This is because according to my little knowledge, once you identify a problem you then have to act.

You do not act on the problem or the results alone but you also have to make sure that you look into the causes. Our government sometimes spends time dealing with issues that can be easily stopped than cured.

There is a need to admit that the crime of smuggling is happening in our beautiful country and there is a need to determine the causes. According to my observation, the main cause is lack of jobs. So long as we are not creating job opportunities we will always face such challenges.

So long as we are saying that we prioritise education but at the same time find it easy to just suspend the operations of a university without doing proper consultations we will have problems.

In this country we are guilty of allowing illegal immigrants who come and own small business instead of assisting our citizens in developing themselves.

In order to win the battle against human trafficking we need to admit that Swazis are struggling and it is painful as some go to bed without having a proper meal.

I am of the view that Swazis love their country and I am optimistic that they also appreciate the system of governance. As government, there is a need to ensure that the people have faith in the system and see its beauty. We need to sit down and look into the strategies in place so that challenges like human trafficking can be dealt with.

It is sad when you visit the rural areas and find young people doing nothing because they have no jobs. Some of them even have qualifications but have struggled to get employment so they become vulnerable and easy targets for human trafficking.
Let us deal with the causes of human trafficking first and everything will fall into place.


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