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Human beings are creatures with virtually no other adaptation feature that make them superior in the food chain except their unmatched brain power. The first thing you can do is start thinking about things that can change your life around.

Write them down, it helps a lot; I am a living witness. Every failed venture even at the idea conceptualisation is a learning curve. If used appropriately that information would be very useful in the future.

The important thing is that you’re using your brain to try and play around the variables controlling your life. One day while you’re trying that trial and error method something will work out. Ever heard of people saying the harder they work the luckier they become. It’s no coincidence; a person cannot master the skill of swimming without getting into the water first.

The power of changing your life around is not external. What happens outside you does not determine where your life will go in the future. How you respond to what happens outside you is what determines your future. The response is totally influenced by yourself. “Hhayi, nani! Mine ngi short tempered, nalengiphila nabo nje bayangati,” stop kidding yourself, everybody is short tempered, and it’s just that some of us apply our intellectual prowess as opposed to physical prowess.

The important thing is that your response determines which direction your future takes. The human mind is capable of changing any situation you may be facing. Most people spend most of their time using their brain for things that do not have the potential to develop their lives.

This comes at the expense of thinking important things. When you are using your brain to scout gossip then you should know that the amount of brain energy you have used there is comparable to the amount that you would have spent thinking whether it would make profitable business sense to sell fat cakes and ice to construction workers nearby.

The only difference is that the latter have a potential of changing your life for the better yet the first one only possess the threat of having you caught up in a gossip scandal that you were not supposed to be part of.

So if you’re going to think of something, you might as well as choose to think thoughts that possess the potential to change your life for the better. If whatever that you thought of doesn’t bring forth any results, just move on, after all thinking is free of charge and in this case it came at a bargain price of avoiding thoughts that lead to self destruction.

Phila Fortune Dlamini
(7635 4912/ 7978 4347)

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