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Does the Ministry of Education have a clear plan for upgrading colleges to university status, and if there is, when will it be effected?
The nation was informed that the Swaziland College of Technology (SCOT) would be upgraded to be a university by 21015, but we are now near the end of 21017.

SCU has never asked to be part of UNISWA but someone or some people feel the institution should be part of UNISWA.
Concerning the issue of SCU, we request the Parliament of the country to interrogate it to the end. The minister of Education and Training should not confirm what has already been pre-empted by the stories appearing in newspapers; that he would like to leave Cabinet having transferred SCU to UNISWA.

To allow this to happen would be a great mistake. Parliament should also look into the reasons which led to the pronouncement made by His Majesty concerning the colleges in 2010 to be aborted in 2014 after the current minister had stated over the radio that the colleges would be transferred to the university in 2014.

We heard him kuletishisako in the morning. How are these colleges and the nation going to feel about the issue of SCU?
We also want our children to get opportunities to enrol for degree programmes.

Maybe the colleges cannot do that while they are still not part of UNISWA. The same thing applies to SCU, the so called justification is that they cannot do well on their own. Let us be fair, please. Let all the colleges be considered.

The oldest colleges are neglected; SCOT was established in the 1940s, followed by William Pitcher College in the 1950s.
Ngwane College started operating in the 1980s and SCU less than five years ago. I want to believe that all these institutions would be glad to be transferred to the University of Swaziland. 

Concerned Citizen


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