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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts in your widely read and informative newspaper. A lot has been said regarding Swaziland and the year 2022.

It’s always amusing to hear ‘experts’ define what a first world country is. Google has as many definitions as you may want too. Freedom of speech, right? So I don’t have anything against those ‘experts’ that can explain to you how a futile effort it is for Swaziland to be a first world country by 2022. Let them talk that’s what talkative People are only good for, after all they are protected by the Constitution to express themselves freely.

Now, let me ask the inner you, what do you think about Vision 2022? It is impossible for Swaziland to be a first world country, as a matter of fact you may be convinced that Swaziland can’t be a first world country even in 2050. So you’re convinced that Vision 2022 is a fantasy just to keep social media abuzz, well that may be true, political propaganda.

However, even if Vision 2022 is a fantasy there is something positive that you can do for yourself.
Let Swaziland continue fantasising about First World in 2022 ,which you think it’s not realistic, and set a realistic target for yourself that you think you can achieve by 2022 or any other year of your choice.

The key thing here is to set a realistic target for yourself, and then just keep working hard on your real vision instead of the fantasy of a first world. If you do so, come 2022 whether Swaziland has achieved her goal or not at least on your side you’ll have something to show for the fantasy of Vision 2022.

Remember, national development does not necessarily mean you’ll be provided with free lunch, it only means that you will be afforded better conditions to work for your lunch.

Even in First World countries those that are lazy do not enjoy the benefits associated with their country being a first world country.
It’s impossible! The Tinkhundla System just makes it totally impossible, only if we could adopt a multi-party system then things can be better. Stop kidding yourself, that’s just propaganda sold by multi-party activists. Every system has its pros and cons, yours is just to find means to survive in the current situation.

After all your real survival is more important than a fantasy of sleeping and have a government that will keep on feeding you.
Even on multi-party countries all the problems that you claim are unique to Tinkhundla, I am talking corruption, nepotism, lack of human rights, useless Parliament, lack of equal opportunities for both Genders, oppressive legislation and anything else you may want to add, but despite all that people have to adapt and survive.

My point is stop complaining and start looking for ways to change your life around under the current circumstances, that’s where you have to begin. So is Vision 2022 a reality or a fantasy? Well, it depends on what you want it to be. If you want it to be a fantasy you will show that by sitting down and doing something for yourself in an effort to prove that vision 2022 can’t be achieved, by the time the year 2022 comes and I don’t care whether Swaziland will be a first world country or not but I am sure that those who worked to achieve His Majesty’s vision will be living better lives than those who sat and did nothing because they thought this was a fantasy.

The choice is yours. My suggestion, wake up and smell the coffee, times have changed. Empower yourself, develop yourself, align yourself with a first world country, start that small business, go to school, invest. If Swaziland is not a first world country at least all the upgrading that you have done to yourself will still be yours.

Don’t do it for Swaziland do it for yourself, and if everybody could work towards improving themselves to the first world country status then jointly we would have worked together to achieve His Majesty’s vision. #Vision2022aREALITY !!

Phila Fortune Dlamini

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