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The Swazi nation should just stop and take note of what is happening around the country.
The killing of one another is sadly becoming a norm in the kingdom; rape, abuse of drugs, inhuman acts of justice are happening at an alarming rate.

At the rate that these things are happening, they demand that we don’t carry on with our lives as if kute lokwentekako. Families are being torn apart, homes destroyed and communities are being trampled on to the extent that there is no safe place to live anymore.

These acts of injustice are done mostly by men. We are living among angry and confused men, and something needs to be done. Some say this is a result of children being raised by abusive parents, absent parents and so on. I want to take this opportunity and call on all men who are now fathers to man up and take full responsibility of the upbringing of their children, not just by providing for them financially but by being present in all aspects of their lives.

The children are your products and they need their fathers on a daily basis. 
If we could come together as a nation we can make sure that we empower the girl-child so they can take their rightful place in society and while doing this we must not forget about the boy-child. It is now high time that we teach our children, especially boys, good morals and how to behave, teach them the value of women, teach them the importance of communication, teach them love and teach them how to become responsible men of tomorrow.

Babe Dlamini

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