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This letter is borne out of a bleeding heart following the satanic and arrogant act of Cabinet to unilaterally change the GNF Agreement last year. Many civil servants were happy to receive some increment in what was dubbed ‘Dvuladvula’ but heads of department were robbed and given a raw deal of E30 at most or nothing, depending on God knows what. Cabinet was very wrong to do that because they robbed the HODs their deserved money and only awarded themselves. All government employees were supposed to receive at least 17 per cent but that did not happen for HODs.

Instead politicians were shocked when Cabinet told them that they would receive a 32 per cent increment which they were not expecting seeing the economic slump the country is going through.
Could it be that this government took the 17 per cent for HODs and gave themselves so that their percentage could rise to 32 per cent while the HODs got zero? What kind of a government does that? Does the life of a Swazi matter to this government? They have financially destroyed the lives of these teachers and have arrogantly refused to correct their ‘mistake’.

Coming to the court case, government had no argument at all and rightly lost the case but lo and behold they are still appealing the matter; for what really? Cabinet just give us our money, we are professionals as the consultant pointed out. How did they even arrive at the D3 scale? If government had issues it should have raised them at the table not to do it mafia style like this. At least it should have given HODs 17 per cent in their old grade.

This is but one example of how this Government of Eswatini is so oppressive. It seems like government hates to see a happy nation. As Emaswati siphetfwe ngensila, and 90 per cent of our problems as a people are caused by our government because it delights in seeing us suffer. It seems like it is a curse to be Swazi who is a commoner. Being born in this country predisposes one to untold suffering. We hope the industrial court of appeal will disburse justice fairly and prove that they are not captured as everything else in this country.  

M Thwala   

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