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I always advocate that there are consequences for our thoughts and actions. I will share how certain actions flow into other aspects of our lives as a result of exercise.
Those of us who jog consciously: who are fully present when we jog, we learn to ‘face’ those we pass along the road. This teaches us to face people wherever we are.
There is no ‘fear’ in us in them seeing us; despite that many think we are ‘crazy’.

Unfortunately in all societies there are those who have not ‘evolved’ to where they have realised the importance of taking responsibility for everything in their lives. We consciously overcome that fear of what others think or what they say. 
When we come upon a steep gradient on the road, despite having already done some kilometres we just push on. We do not stop jogging because we think we have already done ‘too much’; the gradient does not deter us. No matter how difficult we just keep pushing on. This seeps into our daily lives. With me, for example in my work, I just tell myself I will do just one more recording and then just one more page and before I know it I have transcribed the whole case without effort.

There is no time for self pity, unlike the people who don’t push themselves while jogging. People who don’t exercise and push themselves, upon seeing a challenge they just give up. People who jog consciously push the envelope, giving up is not an option. Not only that but we are alive to the fact that we volunteered to do that work. We must not only do our best, but when complete that work will be like no other.

Many think that because one is a motivational speaker one never encounters trying situations, but believe me, we are under scrutiny all the time. Through exercise one learns to ‘ignore’ that scrutiny and the stories one hears about self. Time will reveal to those who elect to ‘indulge’ in such ‘opinions’ the true qualities of both the speaker and the person being spoken of.

I just thought I should share with you how I ‘cope’ with unsettling situations and how exercise helps me and how it then seeps into different aspects of my life; how I have learned to live the now and to focus on the task at hand instead of depleting my energies and focusing on what will be of little or no benefit to my life. You too have to find your own special path; alcohol or drugs will never assist you in this fashion. (For more to go: www.inalda.co.sz)

Inalda Jorge-Antonio

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