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The Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC) with this hike thoroughly prove themselves as first and foremost supporting themselves, none of the garbled long sentences and no sense nonsense their communications people have splashed all over the newspapers convince me or any of the customers that the parastatal is providing a good service with value for money key to that service.

Drought, exchange rate, improving efficiency levels and cash flow are the run of the mill, constant flow of excuses year after year. We Swazis are not all coming from the mountains, we are not all born yesterday and many of us have brain capacities that exceed that of young children.

This ridiculous increase is complimented by yet another easily spoken sweeping statement from ‘The Regulator’ that caps this fleecing perfectly.
Honestly, what complete hogwash, I went to buy some units at SEC Mahala last week, I found a single member of staff trying to provide customer service and unit provision, so I asked if she was getting a double salary as an octopus- LOL!??

We had to laugh, otherwise fury is just not productive- However hot it is & however long you’ve had to wait to purchase.  
SERA has failed to comply even with the notice for consumers, it is as bad with its press statements as SEC themselves, reeling off technical jargon it does not even understand itself while hoping to convince the consumers that all is fair and just?

In parrot-like fashion, SEC excuses are repeated and as for public hearings to canvas opinion?
Why not try having those hearings at large venues in main centres with enough notice time for folks to get together and give you their opinions? No chance!

A small box in the paper announcing public hearings in rural areas is not how you get appropriate, accurate public opinion. 
Retailers and service providers have all been jumping on the bandwagon with outrageous increases due to ‘exchange rate and drought conditions’, it really is pathetic across the board.

The consuming public at large are all becoming intensely riled with having to soak up rapidly increasing costs to their living expenses, while reading about cars being taken home by people new to their posts, E50m fraud cases, CEOs huge salaries and judges sitting at home on full pay.
The corporate are the ones who really take the biscuit. With regard this season’s drought conditions plus all the excuses and blame attached to it.

Geoff Kemp


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