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In as much as we deeply love our country and are patriotic, but one can no longer sit still and be quiet about how this country proves over and over that it doesn’t care about its people. Can anyone remember when the travelling documents got finished? And up until now nothing has been done about it.

All we hear is that the new ministers are going to get BMWs which will cost over E3 million. If this government was putting the interest of its people first, they would prioritise this issue with immediate effect. For instance, why not use a fraction of the E3 million and send someone to England with a huge bag to fetch the travelling documents instead of spending all this money on two individuals.

Lastly, we all read about how the Tanzanian president fired the TANESCO boss over an energy tariff hike and one cannot stop thinking why is the Swaziland Home Affairs minister still in office, including those in the Immigration Department, to make sure that the department operates smoothly. They all deserve to be fired, the whole lot of them. And on top of that the Immigration offices should be shutdown because there is no work there other than wasting government resources which at the end of the day comes back to bite the taxpayer.

So as government goes to their so- called retreat at their backyard Pigg’s Peak Hotel, can they please consider firing all those I have mentioned, I rest my case.

Angered citizen

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