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There is no doubt these times are bad; so much so one would want to do right by ridding themselves of any wrongs they did to others.

Though some wrongs take a while to heal, such an exercise would not be out of context taking into consideration the fact that we are dying like flies. One amazing thing is the impact COVID-19 has had on the world. I’m a staunch believer in the ways of the righteous and I state that this too shall come to pass. Let me dare say I have been exceptionally happy over the past couple of weeks. I do not know why but I have – as has happened my whole life – been receiving blessings left, right and centre.


Maybe my time to pass has come, I do not know, but the fact is my spiritual self is unstoppable. As mentioned, my life can go on a seasonal binge of good or not so good from time to time. When bad times strike, very soon the good always comes rushing in. Since I am a stern believer in luck and that I am a lucky person, I am one who continually finds or rather luck continually finds me ready to receive my fair share of God’s blessings. This is why I write today … to remind you that regardless of the bad that we may come across, the sun will always shine. And now we need that strength more than ever as we sail these rocky seas together - you and I.


I just finished reading a book we went through in high school - Fiela’s Child by Dalene Matthee - this past Monday. I should state that it has been a while but reading and finishing a book is therapeutic. Let me just give you a brief rundown on why I mention this feat. For starters, this book addresses racism in the post-colonial era. In the book is a white character – Elias van Rooyen – who happens to be my favourite. Elias is a lazy good-for-nothing individual, who dreams of being rich and uses everyone around him to his advantage including his children but that’s not why I like him. In the end he never realises his dream. This is why… you see Elias reminds you that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to work at it day in and day out just like his counterpart Fiela Komoetie, who happens to be coloured and is not only a woman but also the wealthiest in the Long Kloof where they reside. She is also the hardest working individual in the book. For more just visit Google and download onto Kindle Books or whatever app you use for reading.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is we can either use time well and do what we have to do to achieve our goals or waste time by dreaming of an end to the pain and not put in the necessary resources required to get us there. It is a solid reminder, to quote Earl Nightingale, that success is the continual realisation of a worthy ideal. And as we battle ever so harder to stay afloat in such times, let us remind ourselves that our greatest strengths lie deep inside us and not outside. When all else fails we can summon our courage, bravery, creativity, pioneering spirit, resourcefulness and all other traits that make you who you are. They say no man is an island and, as such, remember that maybe you live in such times to make use of the boundless ideas and resources that lie around you. I wish you the best of luck and may you treasure your being to become the best you there was. God bless.

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