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CTA's diesel theft spills over' to Fire and Emergency Services

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MBABANE – The alleged stealing of diesel from the Central Transportation Administration (CTA) has spilt-over to one of the country’s Fire and Emergency Service stations.

According to a source, one of the employees is allegedly stealing the diesel with 25 litre containers to sell to the public.


“I no longer bother with the price increase of diesel as I now enjoy the privilege of purchasing cheap diesel from one Fire employee. I am afraid I cannot reveal the station where I purchase the diesel,” said the proud purchaser.
When Swazi News contacted the Minister of Public Works and Transport Nthuthuko Dlamini, he confirmed having received reports about the Fire employee who steals and sells diesel to the public.

“I am also aware of the station and have since placed my people to monitor the situation, I am also not in a position to reveal the station or region as this will blow the cover.
However, I can assure you that once the culprit has been captured, I will invite you to come and take photos. This practice is illegal and could lead to dismissal. Government is paying these employees but they are milking her.

The ministry will not tolerate such and the public can rest assured that the matter is under investigation and we will soon catch these thieves,” said the minister.
In another separate incident, a homestead in one of the country’s regions is allegedly selling diesel stolen from CTA.


Information gathered by Swazi News is to the effect that none of the members within the homestead is employed by CTA, but instead they are being supplied by one official who works for the department.

On this one, Minister Nthuthuko said; “I have been reliably informed that there is a truck that delivers diesel in various large containers within the backyard of one homestead. We are also monitoring the situation and should my people make the break through, I will personally go to that homestead”.  

…large litres of diesel also stolen at CTA Matsapha

MBABANE –The Central Transportation Administration (CTA) continues to be faced with the increasing number of diesel theft within its various plants across the country.

According to a source, this was an inside job as the staff members capitalised on the lax security.
 “On-going investigations are proving that the theft is an inside job and this should come as a relief to the security personnel who have been accused. One feels pity for these gentlemen as they are expected to do their duties successfully even without adequate assistance,” said the source.

Minister of Public Works and Transport Ntuthuko Dlamini said; “I was told that employees are stealing government property, including diesel. I want to warn all those behind this bad practice to refrain from it because if they are found, they will regret”.

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